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Quality is our philosophy. As a responsible food manufacturer, Nissin Foods places food quality and safety as top priorities. We dedicate our entire activity to supply only products that merit the confidence of consumers, as we believe in honouring our customers’ concerns when it comes to food safety and quality.

Nissin’s European product range is produced in our Hungarian plant, Nissin Foods Kft, which is certified with the International Food Standard certificate (Higher-level) as well as with the BRC certificate (Grade A-level). These certificates endorse our plant to be operating under statutory and regulatory requirements set to ensure a safe manufacturing process. Our production process follows the European Union food regulations, therefore our products  meet the requirements of international  food quality standards. In addition to this, Nissin Foods Kft. declared in their Quality Policy to produce exclusively free-of-GMOs ( Genetically Modified Organisms) products and to handle the allergen ingredients with responsibility, in accordance with the EU food regulations.