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Conditions of Data Protection
The protection of your privacy and your
personal data is of prime importance to us.
For this reason, we conduct our Internet
activities exclusively under the auspices of
the applicable data protection legislation.

Personal Data
We do not collect any personal data on our
website without your express permission.
Only you decide whether you wish to com-
municate to us your e-mail address or
postal address in order for us to be able to
get in touch with you, process your enquiry
or provide you with access to special infor-
mation or offers. We treat this personal data
with the strictest confidence and we do not
pass on your information to third parties
outside NISSIN Foods GmbH.

Data Security
We take deliberate precautionary measures
to protect your data from loss, manipulation
or unauthorized access. These precaution-
ary measures represent the state of the
technological art.

Cookies are information that is stored
automatically in line with strict rules and
features content that you can verify on your
computer. We use cookies exclusively to
provide you with greater convenience when
you visit our website, e.g. so that you do
not have to re-enter your password or pre-
ferences every time you visit. Cookies are
not assigned to personal profiles.

Technologies Used
In some parts of this website, technolo-
gies that are commonly found on the
Internet, such as JavaScript, Java, Flash
or ActiveX, may be used in order for us to
provide you with the information you want
more easily. Under no circumstances will
we use these technologies to gather intel-
ligence on personal data or manipulate
data on your computer.

We log accesses to our HTTP servers, as
is normal practice everywhere. Our logs
contain the date and time, the address
(URL) of the page you have requested and
the identifier (IP number) of the computer
being used to call the page up. This data
is not traceable to any individual and is
used for legal security (e.g. against
hacker attacks) and to optimize our web
presence through the statistical evalua-
tion of data (e.g. access errors, average
time spent on the website, Internet
browsers and operating systems used).
As part of our CRM activities, data is
recorded appropriately and in certain
individual cases analyzed, although data
protection is always assured.

Links to Other Websites
The website contains links to external
websites. Since these websites are
outside our sphere of influence, we can
accept no responsibility for their content
or data protection policy.